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On Being Boring

I moved from London to Brussels with my husband nearly 10 years ago. When I told people we were moving, the news was greeted with bemusement: why did we want to move to a city that was possibly the most boring place on earth? Ten years later and I can honestly say that I've had more fun here than I ever did living in London. It might not be the most exciting city in the world but it is a fantastic place to live. It is full of hidden treasures that you probably never get to see as a tourist: wonderful shops, amazing food, great museums and galleries, beautiful architecture, a forest (yes, a whole forest), and so much more... And if that doesn't convince you, well, get on a train and you could be in Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne or, yes, London in no more than a couple of hours... Which other city can you say that about?

The Cut

Before and after… What we learned: longer hair hides a multitude of bruises and scares. This boy’s forehead is quite the battle zone. And now he’s adding a tooth to his battle scars… It was a couple of weeks ago. He was lying on the ground, playing, but somehow still managed to slip and smash his face into our hard wood floor (I miss carpet!). The thud told the story well enough. It was one of those “gathering child up in your arms but not daring to look at face” moments. I called Hanno over: was everything still all there? He confirmed. There wasn’t even any blood. OK, breath again… But then, the next day, I thought his tooth looked funny. No, no… I was imagining things… Or was I? It seemed to be getting darker… or duller at least… And now it’s definitely grey. Not the bright, clean white of a healthy milk tooth. I’m pretty sure it’s dead. He’s seeing the dentist in a few days to find out if we need to do anything. If it has to be removed, and if Amélie is anything to go by, he may have a gap in his front teeth for a good 5 years before a new tooth grows in… Another notch in the post of my parental guilt.

18 March 2014 - 3:23 AM ralph - Look at that handsome, happy boy - no guilt! :)

18 March 2014 - 5:25 AM amanda - Oh poor Charlie, he looks so gorgeous, gorgeous haircut. Marlon did the same to his tooth around the same age, was grey until it fell out - was so happy when it did :)

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