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On Being Boring

I moved from London to Brussels with my husband nearly 10 years ago. When I told people we were moving, the news was greeted with bemusement: why did we want to move to a city that was possibly the most boring place on earth? Ten years later and I can honestly say that I've had more fun here than I ever did living in London. It might not be the most exciting city in the world but it is a fantastic place to live. It is full of hidden treasures that you probably never get to see as a tourist: wonderful shops, amazing food, great museums and galleries, beautiful architecture, a forest (yes, a whole forest), and so much more... And if that doesn't convince you, well, get on a train and you could be in Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne or, yes, London in no more than a couple of hours... Which other city can you say that about?

LTWRL – Week 6

What do you reckon: did he make it?Does that count as making it? Let’s just say he didn’t injure himself so that counts as a success for Charlie. Also, this:He’s the most beautiful. Really completely the most beautiful. Both inside and out. Like this evening, he started coughing in his sleep. He often vomits if he coughs too much so we were heading to his room to try to get him to drink something when… sure enough… he was sick. All over himself, his bed and the floor. I carried him into the sitting room and got him changed and then I told him he could sit on the sofa and watch tv while Han changed his bed and mopped the floor (poor Han gets all the best jobs). Still half asleep, Charlie grinned from ear-to-ear and said “tv?! Fank you!”. At this point, I noticed that my trousers had been caught in the cross-fire (they were covered in sick). I took them off and, as I stood there, briefly, wondering if he’d cry if I left him on his own while I went to find something clean to put on, he turned, looked at me, and said “bum away mum. bum away!”. So that would be a no then. And he didn’t even start crying when Han told him he could go back to bed. Instead, he got up, took my hand, and said “come mum”. He pottered into his room and looked at his bed, peering under his covers to inspect his sheets. Once satisfied that they were clean again, he climbed up and tucked himself in, turning only to shout “FANKS HAN!” and to blow him a kiss. He really is just beautiful. Even when he’s covered in vomit.More gorgeous pictures here: LTWRL.

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