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On Being Boring

I moved from London to Brussels with my husband nearly 10 years ago. When I told people we were moving, the news was greeted with bemusement: why did we want to move to a city that was possibly the most boring place on earth? Ten years later and I can honestly say that I've had more fun here than I ever did living in London. It might not be the most exciting city in the world but it is a fantastic place to live. It is full of hidden treasures that you probably never get to see as a tourist: wonderful shops, amazing food, great museums and galleries, beautiful architecture, a forest (yes, a whole forest), and so much more... And if that doesn't convince you, well, get on a train and you could be in Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne or, yes, London in no more than a couple of hours... Which other city can you say that about?

Five Fave Blogs

Blog every day in May, day 4: Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?

Just 5, really? This is going to be hard. I don’t even follow that many blogs but still, I don’t like to pic favorites… Ok, here goes. In no particular order.

Angie Muldowney – and no, not just because she listed me (although that does help. Ha!). But because I love how she thinks and how she writes. I love her photography and her one hundred and one cameras. I love how giving she is and how she shares her knowledge. I love the projects that she starts and those she inspires. I love that there is no monotony on her site. I’m excited every time she posts something because I know I will learn something, or be awed, inspired, or reduced to helpless giggles.

Adventures in PinkSugarLand – this is one of those sites that you look at and just think: why does my life not look like this? A beautiful family with an amazingly talented, creative and sweet mama. A mix of iPhonography, big camera photography, music, film clips, fashion tips and crafty ideas. Every time I visit, I fall a little more in love (and get a little more jealous!).

Jose Villa – just the master of light and color. I know no more about him but his pictures make me drool.

What Katie Ate – I only recently discovered this icon of food photography but holy macaroni people! Don’t go to this site hungry. You might end up eating your computer screen.

Oh, and then there’s Ben and Michael and Peta and Leah and Tara and Amanda and another Ben and Sergio… There are just so many amazingly talented people out there. How am I meant to chose just five!?

I even have favorite blogs that don’t exist yet! For example, Melissa Webb (londonbusred on Instagram) and Ralph Nardell (nardell on Instagram). These two people have minds that I love and take photos that blow my mind. But they don’t have blogs. If they did, they would be on my favorites list. I’ll have to do a top 5 Instagramers at some point, so I can introduce you to some of my other favorite photographers. In the meantime, tell me: what am I missing? Which other blogs should I be reading?

6 May 2013 - 2:31 PM Nadia - Génial Cass cette liste je vais vite regarder.. Pour ma part mon blog préféré c est le tien :) It'is beautiful to be part of your life in Brussels just love it ! And your kids are just so gorgeous !! Bien sur celui d'Amanda est sur ma liste ;)

6 May 2013 - 8:46 PM Cass - Merci Nadia! C'est trop gentil! J'ai du mal à croire que mon blog soit le préféré à qui que ce soit :) You made my day x

6 May 2013 - 6:13 PM Angie - You gorgeous popsicle, you! The best thing about this post though is that I now have a whole heap of fabulous new blogs to discover :D xx

6 May 2013 - 11:08 PM ralph - Aw, Cass! I've told you this before so you know I'm not just saying it back - THIS BLOG OF YOURS is one of my all time favorites. So it puts a huge smile on my face to even be mentioned around here, especially for a future blog I haven't even started yet (probably best). Ha. Thank you! And thank you for all of these wonderful links and people to discover! Much love my dear. xo

7 May 2013 - 1:06 AM Ingrid - I love the ones you listed some I have followed but now I can add 2 more to the reading. There's this incredible woman in Brussels..oh she's so wonderful to read. Bet you know who I mean. :) I'll have to send you some of my favorites too.

9 May 2013 - 12:32 PM Melissa Webb - Awww, Cass! You sure do know how to make a girl blush. To be mentioned on your blog is all kinds of amazing. Thank you so much! :) XOXO

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